Online crewing software

Online crewing software

One posting = thousands of readers

Your vacancy will be posted not only at Crewplanet, but also at the largest Russian-speaking maritime website - Your job posting will also get to social networks and partner sites.

Daily audience reaches 15 thousands seamen!

Accept any type of CV

All you candidates get into the same place: Crewplanet candidate management. You can accept:

  • CVs from Crewplanet
  • regular CVs from e-mail
  • even from other maritime websites

You mailbox remains free of irrelevant CVs and spam.

Online collaboration

You may manage all you vacancies and candidates together with your colleagues right online.

Everything you do, your colleagues see on their screen immediatelly in true-online mode.

You are always aware of current status of any candidate. We save all history of vacancies, candidates and all comments.

Auto-informing a seaman

Seafarers appreciate websites, where they can track the status of their candidacy.

Seamen can see wheather you have read the CV or not. They will also track the whole consideration process and see if you are interested or not.

Of course, you remain in control of what does a seaman see. And you do not waste your time on keeping seamen updated.

The biggest database of CVs

Unlike others, we only count full CVs with phones and seagoing experience.

We've started collecting CVs back in 2006 and still remain the largest database of CVs on the web.

Check youself: database of CVs

Very precise search

When you have a huge database, it's vital to find quickly what you need.

Only Crewplanet allows to find a Chief Officer with big bulker experience, holding Dutch papers with one search query. Our filters are just awesome!

Automatic preparation of documents

Contracts, crew lists, letters of guarantee, reports: all this can be done by Crewplanet automatically. You just need to upload a MS Word template to Crewplanet.

Automatic checklists

You will create a checklist for one or several vessels just once. From then on Crewplanet will automatically check documents of seamen on those vessels against the checklist. No human error.

Seamen know their sign on date

Seamen won't call you to check when they should fly. Instead they login to Crewplanet and check it online. This is how Crewplanet saves your time.

Membership and prices

prices in EUR, other currencies are available for payment
100€ per month*
  • 100 free vacancies
  • 5 smart vacancies
  • No database access
  • Phone support service
250€ per month*
  • 100 free vacancies
  • 15 smart vacancies
  • Crewing software
  • Chat support
  • Phone support service
450€ per month*
  • 100 free vacancies
  • 30 smart vacancies
  • Crewing software
  • Chat support
  • Phone support service
* - the price may increase if you go beyond the pricing plan

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