Crewplanet crewing agency in the Netherlands

Crewplanet crewing office in the Netherlands deals with sales and IT development.
Crewplanet crewing office in Rotterdam
Our office is conveniently located 10 mintues drive from the centre of Rotterdam.
The Dutch office of Crewplanet crewing agency performs the following tasks:
  • marketing and sales
  • crew management software development (HRIS)
  • customer support for electronic crewing
This office supervises all headhunting activities of the crewing department as well as plans and carries our ship inspections when vessels call nearby ports.

Located in the very heart of Europe, Rotterdam office of Crewplanet sustains tight contact with customers. There are 3 major ports in the distance of 40 minutes drive: Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam. When vessels call these ports, Crewplanet is able to visit them and resolve crew related matters right on board.

How to get there

Take A or B metro line and go to the Kralingse Zoom metro station. Change to the unmanned shuttle-bus no.500 to Rivium that will bring you the Rivium 1te straat. Go to the E building.

Office space in Rotterdam

See detailed timetables at website.

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