Crewplanet crewing agents - crew management and individual manning

Located in The Netherlands and Latvia, Crewplanet supplies crews and provides crew management on almost any type of vessel
We do full crew management for mf Wind Ambition
mf "Wind Ambition"is being fully managed by Crewplanet crewing agency. 43 crew members.
We work closely and co-operate with ship-owning companies from across Europe and the Far East. We can provide either full or partial crew management.
By using modern, cutting-edge IT technologies, we achieve higher efficiency thus spending less, and therefore cutting costs for our customers.

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Full crew management

If you plan to buy a vessel, or want to change your crewing agents, please keep Crewplanet at the forefront of your thoughts. We offer various options for crew management, inclusive, but not limited to

  • planning and arranging crew changes
  • arranging flights, visas and accommodation
  • assistance with ITF/IBF coverage
  • crew insurance at sea and on leave
  • working clothes
  • payroll services

Thanks to our own highly-effective IT solutions, we're able to usually out-compete large crewing companies at the very least by price alone. We can also offer various solutions for cutting your crewing-related costs by up to 30%.

Please call us to find out how we achieve that, and - more importantly - how you can benefit from us doing so.

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Individual contracts

Individual contracts
You can sign individual contracts through Crewplanet

We all know that one can never have enough top class officers. Even if you've got a good crewing agent already, it's always handy to have a back-up, just in case...

Try Crewplanet and see how efficiently we can cover your vacancies. We cover more than 90% of market-compliant vacancies in just one week, sometimes even less. Our retention rate is above 82% for all crew and above 88% for officers.

There are literally thousands of seamen in our database. It goes without saying there's always someone we can offer you.

In order to get candidates for your vacancies from us, please send us

  • IMO number of the vessel, technical specifications in case of engineering department
  • terms and conditions of the employment
  • estimated date and port of crew change
  • any other information and/or requirement which may be hellpful during finding the crew

Your company will be assigned a crewing manager, who will seek to gain more information from you and then revert with a list of suitable and promising candidates, candidates who've already passed our rigourous interview process and match your requirements, ready and willing to fly to your vessel.

Control your crew online

Control your crew online
Various options for controlling your crew online

We do the job. But should you want to control things yourself, you can. If you want to.

Crewplanet is one of the most progressive and fast-developing crew management platforms available online. Indeed, our systems are that respected by our contemporaries we're in fact selling access to the system keen on using it to manage their crew succesfully and efficiently.

But it's Crewplanet that of course get the most out of it. We have unlimited access and use of all functions of Crewplanet. And, as our customer, you have your own login ID and password so you can control your own manpower in real time, even from tablet or other mobile device.

You can track all preparations to the contract of each individual seaman, as well as access all documents, photos, and information of your crew. If there is onboard internet available on your ships, we can even give access to captains so that they could also be well-informed as to crew changes.

Ship's delivery and re-flagging

Having expertise in providing crews for ship's delivery and re-flagging, we can:

  • assist with planning manning activities for a new vessel
  • develop a cost-effective muster list in collaboration with the ISM manager
  • communicate with the flag administration on your behalf
  • provide consultancy in respect of crew taxation and immigration matters

German tonnage tax

German tonnage tax
We can offer crewing services in compliance with the German Tonnage Tax

If your fleet is covered by the German tonnage tax regime, we can of course offer a compliant solution for crew management. Since our solutions are highly automated and IT-oriented, the costs for such crew management can save up to 30% of the overall manning costs, keeping your tonnage tax in force.

In this case, crews will be managed from Germany. All planning, arranging and other operations will be conducted in and from Germany.

As one might expect, there are certain terms , conditions and criteria for offering German Tonnage Tax compliant services, but please keep in mind that in most cases Crewplanet saves you up to 30% of your crew management costs, thanks to the highly-efficient processes.

Certificates, testimonials

Crewplanet is certified in accordance with MLC2006 and ISO9001 by Bureau Veritas. Every year we pass various audits performed by different companies as well as state bodies. This is includes a 21-page audit accredited by Shell of crewing services.

We can provide written recommendations from our customers, who operate different types of vessels: dry cargo, gas carriers, tankers, offshore as well as passanger fleet. Let us know if you want to learn more.

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