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Seamen say about our crewing
Efficiency and business style: that's what impressed me in the beginning of cooperation. Crewplanet is a united and professional team.
Andrey Zelenskiy
Captain, Russia
What I can say about company, only the best - big, stable, growing company. Management is perfect.
Vladimirs Muravskis
Chief Mate, Latvia
Crewplanet reminds in time about obsolete certificates as well as assists in passing courses. Even if they take place in other countries.
Ivo Muru
Captain, Estonia
Main qualities of the employees: professional approach, kind attitude, attetion towards details even after office hours.
Leonard Mykhalevskyy
Second Officer, Ukraine
Wages are never delayed, when I sign off I already know the next vessel and sign on dates. Office personnel works professionaly.
Aleksei Valhonski
Able Seaman, Latvia

What's new in Crewplanet

21 November
We are getting things ready for the presentation of Dmitrii Beliakov, Crewplanet CEO at Manning and Training Conference in Manila. He will be sharing our new development about measuring and improving crew satisfaction - a new tool in crewing. Make sure you visit Spotlight Theatre at the conference on Wednesday 26th at 11:20.
17 November
We've got a few new testimonials from our customers. Check out our homepage. And (as you can imagine) they are very positive. Many people love our crew management service and we are proud of it.