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Seamen say about our crewing
Efficiency and business style: that's what impressed me in the beginning of cooperation. Crewplanet is a united and professional team.
Andrey Zelenskiy
Captain, Russia
Crewplanet showed a high level of knowledge and support in sorting out the necessary marine certifications in timely manner.
Inga Dzintare
Reception stewardess, United Kingdom
Crewplanet reminds in time about obsolete certificates as well as assists in passing courses. Even if they take place in other countries.
Ivo Muru
Captain, Estonia
The sailor who is going to join the vessel is always completly informed about technical details, working conditions and other important aspects.
Genadij Filatov
Chief Engineer, Lithuania
Main qualities of the employees: professional approach, kind attitude, attetion towards details even after office hours.
Leonard Mykhalevskyy
Second Officer, Ukraine

What's new in Crewplanet

18 April
Vacancies, vacancies, vacancies! They go mobile and they go free! Now we'll have more vacancies online and more seamen will be able to apply. The website is now mobile friendly, so prepare your smartphones and tablets. There are simply hundreds of other new features, so jump in, check out our new vacancies page:
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5 March
We are looking for an IT-project manager for our office in Riga. We need a passionate IT-geek with web development management experience and reasonable knowledge of English. We need you to manage our web projects and take care of IT infrastructure. Requirements: - 3+ years web projects development management experience - experience with software: bug tracking, project management, mockups - hardware knowledge at a standard IT guy level - moderate knowledge of network and PC configuration - English, English, English... did I forget to mention English? You get +3 to charisma and +1 to speed if... - you know Agile project management techniques - you know PHP, JS, CSS If you are as interested in the mentioned above as we are, drop us your CV and don't forget to let us know your expected salary. E-mail is Share/Like me, guys!
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