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Seamen say about our crewing
What I can say about company, only the best - big, stable, growing company. Management is perfect.
Vladimirs Muravskis
Chief Mate, Latvia
Crewplanet showed a high level of knowledge and support in sorting out the necessary marine certifications in timely manner.
Inga Dzintare
Reception stewardess, United Kingdom
Crewplanet reminds in time about obsolete certificates as well as assists in passing courses. Even if they take place in other countries.
Ivo Muru
Captain, Estonia
Wages are never delayed, when I sign off I already know the next vessel and sign on dates. Office personnel works professionaly.
Aleksei Valhonski
Able Seaman, Latvia
I work through Crewplanet since 2010. All ships are not old, good supplies, crews are better then ever. Many thanks to Crewplanet.
Vyacheslav Kordyukov
Second Engineer, Russia

What's new in Crewplanet

17 June
We are absolutely thrilled to show you our new commercial about publishing vacancies. This is how we publish vacancies and search candidates. You can do this too. Register right now and start using our cutting-edge platform. Like it!
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30 May
We have updates our vacancy system. Now all vacancies posted on Crewplanet are also automatically posted on our social network - Total daily audience is about 17000 seafarers at this moment. This is the largest maritime recruitment resource for Russian-speaking seafarers. Why choose number two, when you have #1 - Crewplanet and Morehod!